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Six resume mistakes to avoid Posted on
Your resume plays a big part in finding a job - here are six mistakes to avoid making!

Before you get to prove to an employer than you’re right for the job with your fantastic personality there’s a piece of paper (okay, word document) that plays a big part in whether or not you get an interview.

While your interview will be what it comes down to when it comes to getting a job, your resume (and cover letter) is what an employer will base their initial decision on whether or not you get that interview.

To ensure you get that chance to show an employer you’re the right person for the job here are six mistakes to avoid


First and foremost – typos are a dead giveaway that your resume hasn’t been proof-read or that you didn’t put enough effort into it. Microsoft Word or a similar program should underline spelling and grammatical errors but it can still miss things. If English isn’t your first language you can ask someone to look over it for you – a second set of eyes can usually see something you missed!
Also – no shorthand or ‘text’ language.


A good resume is usually two pages maximum. Don’t include irrelevant information such as hobbies/ interests unless they are really pivotal to the role you’re applying for. Education that is not relevant to the role you’re applying for can also be left out. Ensure that skills you list are relevant for the role too.


On the flipside, not including enough relevant information can always work against you. If your resume isn’t showcasing your skills and why you’re good for the job – you won’t get that call!


Keep your resume simple. Black text, white paper, easy-to-read font (no comic-sans!) and neat paragraphs, bullet points and headings/ subheadings. You want your potential employer to focus on the key information on why you would be suited to the role – not terrible formatting.


If your email address is something silly you created in your teen years DO NOT put this on a resume. Create a professional email address that is your full name to show employers you’re serious about getting that job!


If you’re applying for exactly the same role at exactly the same type of companies your one resume might do the job but if you’re applying for different kinds of roles in a broad field, you should tailor your resume to fit the job description. Use the job description as a guide to ensure you tick (most of) the boxes in your resume.

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