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Whether you’re Heading home for the holidays and want some Aussie presents for your friends an…

Whether you’re Heading home for the holidays and want some Aussie presents for your friends and family or have finished your degree and want something to remember your time in Australia by, souvenirs are a must. Here are some fantastic mementos that will remind you of your time in Australia.   

1. Clip on Koalassoveniers 1
These cuties are available in most generic souvenir shops and markets. They usually come in large packs and make a great present for friends and family back home. Clip them to pencils, clothes and even your nose. 

2.Haighs chocolate
Haighs is the oldest family-owned chocolate maker in Australia. The company was started in 1915 by Alfred E Haigh at 34 King William street in Adelaide. In 1917 Haighs started producing chocolate-covered fruit centres which they still sell today. Not only is this company unique and special to Australia, but their chocolate is delicious!

3. Vegemite
While Vegemite is sadly no longer owned by an Australian company it is still strongly associated with the land down under. If you have developed a taste for the salty spread while you’ve been here you may want to stock up on some jars before you head home, otherwise it might be fun to get your friends and family to sample our national spread!

4. Tim tams
While Vegemite can be quite divisive, Tim tams don’t often get the same response. It’s hard not to love Tim Tams! they are chocolately biscuits filled with more chocolate and covered in chocolate. No more explanation needed.

5. Lucas paw paw ointment
Most Aussies will have a tube or jar of this stuff in their house or handbag. It’s the multi purpose ointment made in Brisbane you can use of anything from cracked lips to sunburn and insect bites. you can easily get a jar or tube from your local chemist or grocery store. A tube will cost you around $5 AUD and seems to last forever.

soveniers 26. Manuka honey
This honey is only produced in Australia and New Zealand because it is from honey bees that feed on mānuka or tea tree. The honey is often used as an alternative medicine and is said to have beneficial properties. It also has a very unique, strong herbaceous flavour. This honey is definitely worth trying and bringing home if your country’s customs laws allow it!

7. Aussie Wine
The Aussie wine industry is the world’s  fourth largest exporter of wine with approximately 750 million litres a year to the international export market! This wine is made right across the country, but the most famous wine regions include the Barossa and Hunter Valleys. Why not try learning about the different wines here and even bring home a drop of your favourite  for your relatives and friends!

8. Surf brand clothing
Billabong and Rip Curl are both Australian companies that produce some fantastic clothing, swimwear and accessories. If you’d like a wearable reminder of your time here in Australia and a piece of beach culture to bring home make sure you visit these stores before you leave.

9. Boomerang
Australia’s indigenous history is extremely important and unique, and it’s definitely worth taking something home to remember Australian culture by! an extremely popular option with tourists is a boomerang which can be picked up from lots of souvenir shops around the country. There’s even DIY paint your own boomerangs which can be plenty of fun.

10. Beach memorabilia
Australia is known for its beautiful beaches, so it’s fitting to get something to remember them by. Some great memorabilia might be a “Bondi” towel or a lifesaver tee-shirt.  Try “between the flags” shops, or any souvenir shops along Bondi or Manly Beach.

Have you bought any souvenirs in Australia? Do you know something that would make a great gift or memento? Let us know in the comments below! 


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