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How to use Chopsticks! A quick guide to Chinese culture in Oz Posted on

Australia is well-known for hosting a large variety of different cultures originating from all over the world.

Chinese culture is one of the major contributors of Australia’s cultural diversity.  With Chinese people first coming to Australia in large numbers in the 1850s, Chinese culture started rooting in this land. Today, in Australia, Chinese culture can be experienced everyday and in many ways. Every year, numerous Chinese celebrations take place in Australia. One of the most important events is the Chinese New Year celebration in Chinatown.

Chinese New Year Lion Dance
Chinese New Year Dragon Dance











Chinese Culture at ACU

Look around you!


By simply looking around, you may find many details relevant to Chinese culture in Australian daily life.


Here is an example of Chinese culture strong presence in Australia.


I took this photo at Australian Catholic Univeristy‘s International Education Office in Melbourne Campus:




Chinese food is one of the strongest influences of Chinese culture in Australia. If you have tried Chinese food before, you should know that Chinese people use chopsticks instead of a knife and fork. As a component of typical Chinese culture, chopsticks are commonly used in Chinese restaurants, even in Australia. Thus, chopsticks are very commonly used in Australia! You already may be able to use chopsticks for picking up food in your plate; if not here are some tips for you on how to use chopsticks:


Avoid hitting the bowls or plates with chopsticks
  • Avoid hitting the bowls or plates with chopsticks

  • Avoid stretching out your index finger while holding chopsticks

  • Avoid inserting chopsticks vertically into the food

  • Avoid picking up pieces of food by penetrating with chopsticks

  • Avoid sucking the end of your chopsticks


The combination of different culture makes the life experience here abundant, and that is the charming part of Australia. It is fascinating to see how each cultures brings its traditions to Australia and thus contributes in enriching Australia’s unique cultural diversity.

Watch this space for updates on the main Chinese Cultural events in Australia throughout the year! 😉


What is your experience regarding Chinese Culture?

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