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What on earth is VEGEMITE? Posted on
Let's take a look at Vegemite, one of Australia's cultural icons.…


Quick facts:

It’s Australia’s number one spread.

8 out of every 10 homes in Australia have a jar of Vegemite.

It is mentioned in the famous Aussie song ‘Land Down Under’.

It was the first product to be electronically scanned in Australia.

It has been in stores since 1923 (almost 90 years!).

It has become a much-loved Australian icon.

Remy having his first taste of Vegemite



What is it made of?

The chief ingredient in Vegemite is concentrated yeast extract, leftover from the process of beer brewing. No, it is not alcoholic! It is actually quite good for you and is one of the world’s richest known sources of vitamin B.



Alison and Oscar


What does it taste like?

Most people when tasting Vegemite for the first time find it very very strange! My housemate Remy having his first taste of Vegemite and not enjoying it! He expected a similar taste to the favourite French spread, Nutella!


“I think you have to grow up eating Vegemite to actually enjoy it”. Vegemite can’t be compared to spreads like peanut butter or jam. It’s totally different. Think salty, a bit like concentrated soup. Alison not convinced that Vegemite is as good as her Aussie friend Oscar seems to think.



How do you eat it?

The biggest mistake you can make is putting too much on your toast. Most people, assuming that it is like other spreads, apply generous amounts of Vegemite on their bread! Even seasoned Vegemite eaters would tell you that you have to spread it very thinly.  I found this picture on the web which gives a good idea of how to eat Vegemite.


So, to have a truly Aussie experience, you have to try this unique ‘Australian dish’. Who knows, you might even like it!



What’s a food unique to your home country?

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