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Tell us the one thing you love about studying in Australia!

There are so many awesome things about being a student in Australia, that it is difficult to pick just one. Here’s what 4 ACU students think is the best thing about studying here in Brisbane.



Ji-Eun : As everyone knows, Australia is a huge country and has people from all over the world. I have met people from so many different countries! This has changed my personality and my mind has become broader and I have learnt a lot. I now have friends all over the world, so wherever I travel, I will always have people to visit! So I think the best thing for me is how multicultural Australia is!





Pamm: I really like that whenever I want a break from studies, there are so many beautiful places to go to. There’s so much to see and do and something is always happening in the city. Yesterday evening, I was in the city and I saw the display of lights and music near the river. It was spectacular. And I was amazed because I had not expected it!





Alison: The best thing about being a student in Australia is that you have got lots of time for yourself. In France, I have got so many hours of class but in Australia, I have time to do other things than study. Besides, the weather is so good that you always want to go out and discover Brisbane and the surroundings.




Harshani: For me, it is the self-reliance that I have gained. I like how here in Australia, the education system encourages students to be independent, and I admire how the children cope on their own, without needing their parents or teachers for everything. This is very different from my country, where students generally stay within a frame and don’t go beyond. I’m a mom of two so now I’m encouraging my children to be independent as well.



If you want to learn more about living and studying in Australia, check this out: ACU international student guide.


What’s your favourite thing about studying in Australia?

If you’re planning to come to Australia as a student, then what do you think you would expect to enjoy here?

We’d love to hear your views!

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