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The semester is over! What did students say was the best thing they learned?


It is already end of semester! Where did the last 12 weeks go? As every university student would attest to, it’s been a hectic and challenging semester, but we have all learnt so much. Here’s what some ACU international students said were the best things that they learnt this semester.




Lei (China) – Master of Nursing

I found that ACU taught me HOW to study. We were kept thinking critically almost through the whole semester! After one class, we had to read lots of recommended articles and books. It was a hard process, but it was worth it! I can apply this critical thinking and study methods to many areas in my life, not just in the academic areas.







Oscar (Australia) – Bachelor of Arts


This semester I did a unit on Victorian literature. I had previously studied literature but this was very different because it was in depth. I learned about all the Victorian writers and poets, and my favourite was Oscar Wilde! I also met many international students at ACU this year and not only have I made friends from around the world, but I’ve been learning all about their cultures and languages!






Burnadett (Hungary) – Master of Social Work

The best thing that I learned in this semester is the importance of never judging people without knowing their full story. This is a theme that goes throughout the social work degrees, but this semester we concentrated on this more and looked at a lot of examples. In social work, it is very important to be unbiased. This helps us find the best solution for clients.






Deepa (Nepal) – Bachelor of Nursing

It is a pleasure to study here at ACU. I learned a lot of things, but the main thing for me was academic writing. With the help of lecturers, tutors, friends and the Office of Student Success I was able to improve a lot of things in academic writing.







What were some of the things that you learnt this semester? Share them with us in the comments!


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