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Do you know there are over 6 million of people volunteering in Australia?  If you have been keeping …

volunteering in australiaDo you know there are over 6 million of people volunteering in Australia?  If you have been keeping an eye on our blog articles, there are several articles about volunteering as international students:

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Volunteering in the community

I’m sure you’ve already got some ideas about volunteering in Australia. Now the questions are: how can I get participated in volunteering in Australia? And what are the options?

Volunteering here can be formal or informal, full-time or part-time, short term or long term, occasional or even once-off. To explore the handy possibilities for volunteering, you can look at:

You skills and interest—- Ask yourself: what you are good at, and what’s your strength? Volunteering positions vary, as long as you can think about, there is always a suitable one for you.

Events /Activities —– Many events / activities, especially the big ones, usually recruit volunteers for various roles.

Within the community —-   You can also look around areas where you live, or the local council. They usually offer some volunteering opportunities within the community. Such information can be found on local newspapers or council websites. One of my classmates found a volunteer job coming to doors to collect used batteries in the community.

Non-profit organisations —– There are many non-profit organisations around, and many of them are funded or supported by the government. If you are seeking for a long-term and steady volunteering position, this would be good option.

Well, those options might not be detailed enough if you have never volunteered yet.  I reckon it would be helpful for you to get a clue from the stories of volunteers.


What does it require to volunteer?

Most of the time, there is no previous experience required for volunteering positions. The requirements for volunteering at one-off activities/ events are usually minimum. However, if you decide to commit to a longer term volunteering at an organisation, you are very like to be asked for police check, and usually the organisation will cover the expense.  A Working with Children Check is necessary if your volunteering work is relevant to children. You can find more information about the required background checks here.

Certain places such as St John Ambulance require the volunteers to obtain essential skills for the volunteering position through a series of trainings, maintain the qualifications, and renew the certificate annually.

Here are some more tips before you kick off your volunteering.

More useful websites

The following websites are creditable resources in regards to volunteering opportunities around.


Go-Volunteer —- A national online volunteer matching service

Victoria’s Volunteering Portal

ACU Community Engagement opportunities 2013   —- Do you know there are many volunteering opportunities offered within ACU? check them out!



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