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Music gets us through the hardest of times and exam period is no exception. And what’s better …

Music gets us through the hardest of times and exam period is no exception. And what’s better than Australian Music!? I don’t mean our national anthem or Waltzing Matilda, I’m talking about current music produced by Aussies. So why not dip your toe into the world of Aussie music while you prepare for finals? Here are ten songs to suit ten situations you’ll find yourself in this exam period.

1. Getting ready to study

I used to listen to this song when I was getting ready to study for my final exams in high school. I always imagined “the top” being the top mark. Without fail this song would get my energy and motivation levels up. What better way to start your study regime than by aiming for the best? Even if the top isn’t realistic, there’s nothing stopping you from trying.

Flume – On top

2. Highlighting

Highlighting is one of the less strenuous study activities you can do. You don’t have to think as much when you are highlighting so feel free to go crazy with your song choice. Don’t shy away from lyrics. Maybe some Aussie hip hop is what you need to up the tempo and get you through those key points! Just try not to sing along too much…

Hilltop hoods – Nosebleed section

3. Exercise break

Getting time away from screens is one of the most beneficial things you can do during study period. A break to watch TV just won’t cut it (your eyes need a rest too). So go out and take an exercise break! Exercise should also help you feel more alert and energised. Of course I had to include Australia’s entry in this years eurovision song contest somewhere in this list (It just also happens to be the perfect walking song).

Guy sebastian – Tonight again

4. Summarising

Summarising is one of the most demanding things you will have to do this study period. If you haven’t already been summarising during the semester then this will be one of the largest tasks to complete. But it’s not all bad, often summarising is the best way to remember information and get it to stick. Because of this you don’t want anything too distracting, instead opt for something chilled out and low-key. The Aussie rulers of low-key are obviously the legendary brother and sister duo Angus and Julia Stone.

Angus and Julia stone – For you

5. When you lose motivation

You will definitely lose motivation at some point during exam period. It’s easy to want to throw in the towel and put on Netflix – but today is not that day. Instead turn on this classic hit, have a dance and get back to the books.

Jet- rip it up

6. Reading through your notes

Reading through your notes will probably occur at the very end of your study timetable – the day before your exam for example. You want a tune that is relaxed but not so relaxed that it will put you to sleep. Chet faker is just catchy enough to do the trick.

Chet faker – Talk is cheap

7. Snack break

What better song to carry you into your snack break than men at work’s “Down under” – purely for the mention of a “Vegemite sandwich” (the best study snack known to man).

Men at work – down under

8.  Practice exam

For a practice exam I always want something that isn’t too relaxed, but also won’t distract me. The best music for a practice exam I find is up tempo with minimal lyrics. something like crave you by flight facilities would be good. Its kind of chill but kind of upbeat and doesn’t have too many lyrics.

Crave you – flight facilities

9. D day

The day of your exam is here! You’re going to need a tune that will keep your nerves at bay and get you excited to smash your exam. AC/DC is a classic Australian band that never fails to get people excited. While it’s not for everyone, “Thunderstruck”, is a song that does it for me! Some people think the intro makes you feel like you’re going into war and the song is often used at the start of big UFC fights because of it.

AC/DC – Thunderstruck

10. Celebrating after

After you complete your exams and walk out the door, you might feel the need to swing from a chandelier or two. Happy celebrating!

Sia – chandelier

10.1 –  Bonus track

Purely because an Aussie music list would not be complete without a bit of Shannon – enjoy!

Shannon Noll – Lift


Do you have a favourite study song or Aussie artist suggestion? Make sure you share it in the comments below! And of course – happy studying 


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