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Meet Stephanie, a nursing student from Malta, studying at the ACU North Sydney Campus.   How lo…

Meet Stephanie, a nursing student from Malta, studying at the ACU North Sydney Campus.


Stephanie Gatt

How long have you been in Sydney?

I have been in Sydney for a while now, since 2008. I decided to complete my college education here at ACU North Sydney. After spending a few months in my home country Malta, I returned to Sydney in 2011. It’s been somewhat of an amazing journey since then.


What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first came to Sydney to study at ACU?

It was a little hard for me to adjust here initially, firstly because of the language barrier, as English is not my first language and secondly because I was shy of meeting new people. I got over that fear really quickly after I came to study here and started to make new friends.

Also I wish I knew about the transport and living expenditure precisely so I could manage things better and perhaps plan ahead. It took me a while to get used to the culture due to the fact that I was new to everything here. I also wish I knew how important it is to know these things before I came to Sydney!


What are the first three things that come to your mind when talking about Sydney?

The three things which definitely come to my mind are the world famous Sydney Opera House, the Harbor Bridge and the sunny days of summer! I also think of the beaches because I love to surf!


Where do you usually go to unwind after a long week at school?

At the end of a long week at university, all I crave is good food, soothing ambiance and good company of friends; so I go to various restaurants in downtown Sydney on such occasions to just relax and socialise and make new friends. That is my way of unwinding.


This semester, we have quite a few long weekends. Any plans?

Having a full course load ensures that I think of studies, even during long weekends! All my plans are reserved for the end of the semester! But I do plan on going traveling to see the Great Barrier Reef and few other amazing places that I haven’t visited yet, as soon as I am on holidays!


And one final question, what places would you recommend to other international students in Sydney?

The benefit of staying in Sydney is that there are fun things to do in every season! If you happen to be in Sydney during the summer vacation, you could play volleyball at Bondi Beach or learn how to surf at Manly Beach or any of the other East-side beaches. If you are here during the winter, you should go to places such as Blue Mountains and Thredbo to enjoy the winter sports activities, such as skiing, climbing, caving and abseiling!”


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