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Looking for a place to live in Sydney? Read Sushrut's tips on where to start.
sushrut ojha

It’s never an easy task to find the perfect place to stay when you’re going overseas for your studies. You want the place to be convenient and comfortable, a place that you can call home away from home.

Some questions that would undoubtedly come into your mind are: Is it hard to find accommodation as an international student? How do I find a good accommodation? How much do I pay? Where do I start  to look?

Here are some tips on how to find accommodation from Nepalese student, Sushrut.


How did you find your current accommodation?

I currently live in Strathfield. I found my accommodation via a website called realistic real estate.  There are so many helpful websites when it comes to finding accommodation. They provide  all the information required. Some others are  Gumtree, Domain, and Flatmate finders.

Finding a house in the beginning was bit tough as I wasn’t aware of how to go about it, but with time and the help of my friends and some insight from the ACU staff , I quickly learned how to do so.

How long have you lived there?

Just 3 weeks ago I moved to a new place in Strathfield. Previous to this I was living in Burwood for about 7 months which was my first accommodation here in Sydney. I find that in Sydney, people change houses pretty often. I think it could be because of various reasons, such as a change of scene and even cultural reasons.

Do you prefer homestay, shared living/room share, or have your own apartment/room?

I prefer living with my mates as we share the same cultural values and get along very well, but if could afford it I would love to live in my own apartment. Probably when I graduate and can afford a better place!

Is it easy to find a suitable accommodation in Sydney?

To be honest when I first came here I didn’t have any idea, how to apply for houses or places to live in. But after searching for a while I eventually found a perfect place that would suit my needs.

Any recommendations for future students?

If you have a friends or relatives in Sydney, it would be best to stay with them till you get on your own feet and are able to find a suitable place. Don’t rush, take your time as moving would require financial stability. The other thing is, make sure you know who you are moving in with before you actually take that step!


Are you struggling to find a suitable place to live? Check out ACU’s new student accommodation program.

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