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From international student at ACU to high school teacher. Shumeng's journey and the experiences that helped him reach his goal.

ACU international graduate Shumeng, who is originally from China, recently landed a job as a Secondary High School Teacher in Rockhampton, Australia. “I am really proud to be a secondary school teacher” says Shumeng.

It was not long ago that Shumeng was a student himself. In 2012, he came to ACU to study English. After this, Shumeng completed the Tertiary Preparation Course, a Bachelor of Exercise and Health Science and a Graduate Diploma in Education.

While his studies have been vital to his success, Shumeng has also gained a wealth of experience through a combination of work experience and volunteering opportunities provided by ACU.

Shumeng explains, “I have a really good relationship with the teachers” and ACU “is a great practical place for students to learn and practice the skills in a real-world situation”.

Working while studying

“I got two jobs at ACU while I was a student – they called it Student Jobs on Campus. I registered online and applied through the ACU website”.

“I was the first international student who worked as a PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) leader in ACU Brisbane Campus. I did this job from 2015 to 2017. I really enjoyed the job and helping all the new students to achieve their goals”.

“I was also the first international student who worked as a technical support officer at the ACU Brisbane campus. The job was well-paid, and they offered flexible working arrangements, so students could choose the days they are able to work. It is a great experience and something you can write in your CV”.

Practical experience and volunteering

Shumeng received practical experience in the form of practicums, where students practice teaching. As a part of his studies he worked at 3 different government and private schools.

Shumeng also gained experience through volunteering. He was a volunteer for the Queensland Government G20 culture event as well as an ACU McAulay Member which involved assisting with international student events. Shumeng has even volunteered at “Supanova” Comic Con in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

To prospective and commencing students Shumeng advises “be prepared and confident for all the practicums and assessments”. We think that’s good advice, especially as its coming from a teacher who was once an international student himself.

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