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Are you interested in skydiving? Read about Meleana's experience jumping out of a plane in Brisbane!

We’ve all considered skydiving at some point or other. Some of us do it and the rest of us, for various reasons, just don’t get around to doing it. Meet Meleana, who jumped out of a plane and ‘lived to tell the tale!’

















I called the skydiving  company the day before to book my place, as it was a totally spontaneous decision. Luckily, there were still vacant spots for the next day, and being a weekday, the price was heavily reduced. What was normally about 350 dollars was only about 250, almost a hundred dollars cheaper. We were going to jump from the Redcliffe drop zone above Bribie Island and Moreton Bay.

We were picked up from the city, and from there it took a 45 minute bus ride to Redcliffe. Because I wanted to get on the same plane as my friend, we had to wait for an hour, so we spent that time in the town of Redcliffe. The town was so beautiful; a little touristy but not too much. We walked to the pier, had smoothies and took pictures.

Once the waiting was over, the next step was to get suited up. This took just about 5 minutes! From there we had a bus ride to the airport, and then had another hour’s wait for the right timing before the plane could take off.

The instructors were very nice, and kept chatting with us. But they didn’t tell us much about the jump itself. They only said, ‘When you land, pick your feet up!’ I guess there wasn’t much to instruct us on regarding the jump! The plane was small with only about 6 people in it. It took 20 minutes of flying time to get up to the correct location and altitude, about 14,000 feet. Then the instructor said, “Ok we’re going to jump!”

By now every ‘jumper’ was hooked onto their individual instructor. We were above the clouds, so you really couldn’t see anything except for this endless sea of white. I couldn’t believe how we would ever find our way to the tiny strip of beach where we were going to land!

And then we jumped! It was incredible! It was a minute of free fall, and then a couple of minutes with the parachute. And, amazingly, we did land on the tiny strip of beach!

My brave jump!

































After that we bought the pictures from the skydiving, and were given a certificate. Then it was time to go back home.

My certificate














Meleana says that skydiving was something she never thought she would do in Australia. “It was expensive, but I’m so glad I did it. It’s not something I’d want to do again, but I think everyone should do it at least once! Now I can tick it off my bucket list!”


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