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Orientation Week – why you shouldn’t miss it! Posted on
International students have two orientation weeks - find out why they're both essential!

Your university journey begins at orientation and it’s not just an important and informative part of your journey, it’s also fun!

For international students there are two parts – International Orientation Week followed by the Orientation Week for all university students.

International Orientation Week

It is two weeks before classes start and a week before Orientation Week.

International Orientation helps you settle into life at ACU and also Australia. It’s important to attend International Orientation Week to enrol for your classes so make sure you arrive in time to attend!

ACU will email you with details of the session you need to attend and ensure you bring along your offer letter.

If you have a conditional offer, you will need to bring evidence (eg transcript) to show you meet the conditions listed on your offer letter and if you wish to apply for credit from previous learning, you will need to bring your academic transcript.


During International Orientation Week you will also learn more about:

You’ll be shown your way around campus so you can find your classrooms, the library and cafeteria and the areas you’ll be getting to know very well in your time as a student.

International Orientation Week is where you’ll meet your International Student Adviser who will be there to guide and assist you during your time at ACU.

You’ll also meet and learn more about other university staff who you’ll be seeing a lot of during your time at ACU including your the Office of Student Success, Academic Skills Unit and the AskACU Centre.

It’s also a great way to meet other international students who are very likely to be experiencing the same things as you such as the excitement of being in a new country, but also culture shock.

Orientation will give you the best possible start to your new course at ACU and is an excellent time for you to ask any questions you have about the university, your campus and your course.


Orientation Week

For all students – this one is a week before classes and helps you get ready for your first year of university! (Or second or third year to help new students too!)

You’ll learn more about your course, how best to prepare for your studies, you’ll get to know your peers and make new friends.

There are a range of activities, sessions and events – both academic and social – to ensure you get a great start to university life.

You can build a personalised program on the student portal allowing you to participate in activities and sessions specific to your course.

During Orientation Week you’ll meet other students and learn about the range of social clubs, activities and more at the various stalls set up around campus.

At these events and stalls you’ll be faced with a lot of freebies – food, drink, brochures, information guides, stationery – don’t miss out!


Each ACU campus has its own specific orientation program designed to introduce you to all the services available on your campus – find more information about your orientation program on the student portal.

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