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ACU students are thrilled to be gaining practical experience in Nepal

Guest bloggers Elizabeth Jenkins, Yvonne Sutton, Melanie Evans and Sonia Boghossian fill us in on their time in Nepal…

We are grateful to be in Kathmandu, Nepal to complete our advanced early childhood practicum. It’s the first time ACU early childhood pre-service teachers have been given the opportunity to complete such a practicum overseas.

Assimilating and embracing ourselves with the rich Nepalese culture, local customs, practices and way of life has given us four the confidence to enter early childhood education settings after graduation.  It’s been great to get into the way of life here, and this was supported by the positive relationships built with the three onsite ACU lecturers who offered support with our practicum work, health and weekend downtime.

While walking to and from our placement, we have all immersed ourselves in the Nepalese way of life by becoming familiar with many of the locals throughout the district.

We were able to build meaningful relationships working alongside three Nepalese early childhood teachers, exchanging teaching ideas from both Nepal and Australia during daily teaching reflection discussions. This provided a platform for us to become active members of the school community as we were able to accommodate the Nepalese curriculum to create beneficial lesson plans for students.

The knowledge that we have gathered from the Nepalese early childhood teachers and their students at our placement school has been invaluable to what we could possibly learn in an Australian early childhood education setting. We have witnessed firsthand the use of a wide range of teaching practices and pedagogies that we had previously only read in textbooks.



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