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My Experience of Orientation Week at ACU Posted on
Orientation week is coming very soon! See it from the point of view of Rohit, an ACU MBA student.


The “Moment of Truth” – the first contact or interaction made by people is the most crucial element to make or break a relationship, for me my Orientation Session was the moment of truth between ACU and me. Frankly, coming from India, being clueless of your surroundings and waiting for the unexpected can be a scary and nerve racking experience for all. Nervousness an emotion that can make or break you, is exactly what I felt sitting in the auditorium at 9am, making me feel like an eager spectator in the colosseum of education, as the professors and other international students (or spectators) started pouring in.

Like every formal meeting an agenda is set out and my orientation was no different, the agenda was:

  1. Introduction speech by the Dean of ACU
  2. The International students help centre
  3. Introduction by different head of departments
  4. Lunch
  5. Privileges available to students
  6. Information technology and its role in our academic life

I have worked in a couple of organizations and gone through a lot of orientation sessions and even conducted a few of them, however; what really set this orientation session apart was the professionalism and personal touch to everything. The international student’s orientation is one of personalized care and detail to attention to all the possible queries international students could have about the university, the city and the country. There are three points which I hold in great regard to my orientation session and they are:


1. Networking

The orientation week is ideal to create new networks

The thing that I would like to throw light upon is what the orientation session can do for you – Build your network. ACU ensures that you go through the session in such a way where you start making contacts with other international students, be aware of their cultures and learn so much about people from different parts of the world. This is not to be confused with one of the boring networking sessions conducted by corporations who make their employees go through. The orientation session is for you build a bond with other people… in short make friends.


2. Personal attention

The attention that I received from the ACU staff and students is something that I will always cherish. When we broke for lunch, every speaker from the orientation session made it their prerogative to converse with every student and this was a heartfelt gesture, which made me feel like a part of the ACU culture, after 4 short hours. These small conversations make you feel like home and not thousands of miles away.



Another important thing to marvel is the professionalism shown by the staff and students of the university, which is by far better than any I have seen. The ease and smooth functioning of getting our student id cards promptly, scheduling our courses for the semester, enabling the wireless connections on our laptops and phones, and being made aware of the helpdesks available in the university was simply phenomenal.

At the end of the day, the thought of me being nervous at the beginning of the day brought about a big smile on my face, because the unexpected was extremely pleasing. I made friends, built my network, figured out which students shared classes with me, got a few of my queries answered and had an awesome and memorable orientation session. My ‘Moment of Truth’ was a positive enriching one, making me happy to be part of the ACU culture.

ACU Orientation program can be found here 😉


Have you been to ACU Orientation week before?

If not do you look forward to attending?

Let us know your thoughts 😉


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