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Sydney a drastic change from my home country: Indonesia

Although it did feel like an adventure, coming from Indonesia to Australia all by myself was quite overwhelming and scary. I didn’t feel homesick because I was in love with the new culture and I’ve been enjoying all the freedom. Also, the big sun and clean air, (mostly) reliable transport, friendly people, no rubbish and no holes on the streets, four seasons and the Opera House, what more could I ask for? However, living without immediate family support could be hard at times.

When assignments are all due at the same week or when the assignments are all late for submission, when work is hectic, when laundry is mounting up, when the landlord sold the house and I had to move out, and when I get sick and I have to cook porridge for myself because Mom is back home in Indonesia.


Despite the hard times, I still think it is a great opportunity and privilege to come and study in Australia. It’s great making friends with people from different backgrounds, learning different languages, eating different foods. it is also great to live in a place where different opinions are all heard and respected, where physical and verbal violence is not a way of disagreeing, and it’s awesome how all the possibilities and opportunities are just on the plate. Just one example, I got my first camera from eBay last year. I bought it by working in McDonald’s throughout summer. She’s a Nikon D40X and I named her Nikyla 😀 Now I’m building a portfolio and considering photography as a future career – which I would never have thought of before! The funny thing is, I have never taken a photography course. I will, next semester, and I’m looking forward to maybe putting up some of my work on the ACU Gallery in Sydney! 😀

After all, I think we should really enjoy the experience of studying here, even though most of us are facing difficult times when studying, during exams or when lots of assignments are due for example. As hard as it looks like, ahead of us is graduation, to stay or not to stay, can or cannot find a job, REAL adulthood and its responsibilities, that’s a lot harder! Thinking of that, studying is fun 😉


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