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We caught up with Lindsay who filled us in about his life in Australia and as a student at ACU!

ACU student and New Caledonia resident Lindsay Emeriau came to Australia in 2014 to complete his studies and enjoyed his time at ACU so much he decided to pursue further study.

After successfully attaining an Australia Awards Scholarship, he returned to  Australia to begin his Master of Business Administration.

We caught up with Lindsay who filled us in about his life in Australia and as a student at ACU!

Why did you choose to study in Australia at ACU?

In 2014, as part of an exchange program with my previous university in my home country New Caledonia, I had the opportunity to do my third year of Bachelor of Business Administration at ACU to complete a double degree.

For my postgraduate study, ACU offered me the possibility to undertake a Master of Business Administration which I thought would be the key to enhancing my professional skills. Moreover, ACU is well located, 10 min by train from Sydney’s CBD.

How is Australia different to New Caledonia?

In Australia, I had approximately twelve hours per week of lectures and tutorials for four subjects which represent less than half the amount I had back in my home country New Caledonia. Thus, it meant that I had to be more independent in my work by doing more personal research about each subject.

One of the keys to achieving university’s success is to be proactive by asking the lecturer any information that you may need. The good point is that communication with the professors was easy as they are all really supportive of their students.

Why did you choose to study business?

I always had an interest in the Business field as I like dealing with customers and I already had a Bachelor of Business Administration delivered by ACU. So a Master of Business Administration was the best diploma to increase my employ-ability in the export sector which is my chosen field of interest for my future professional career.

What have you enjoyed about your course?

What I really enjoyed during my MBA was that as I had classes from 6 to 9 pm during weekdays, I had the chance to have lecturers who were real professionals in their chosen fields (eg: a marketing manager in Marketing or a lawyer in Law subjects) and as such were coming to class after their working hours. They were able to give us real-world advice about how the theories could be put into practices.

Did you feel supported as an International student? How so?

Our professors were always ready to support their students either by email or through face to face meetings should we had any concern regarding our studies.

Moreover, at the start of my studies in Australia, I had the chance to be with two other students from my home country and we were able to support each other. It helps a lot especially when you first arrive in a new country.

I received a lot of support from the International Student Adviser Ms. Evelyn Overink during my IAP which is the introduction program for newly arrived Australia Awards student. Moreover, Ms. Carmen Law, the Senior Compliance Co-ordinator was providing me with all the support needed in relation to all the different areas of my studies.

What advice would you give to international students coming to study in Australia at ACU?

Do not hesitate to seek help or advice from your professor, your course co-ordinator and the International Student Advisor during your studies.

Why did you apply for the Australia Awards scholarship and how did you find out about it?

When my previous university back in New Caledonia informed me about the scholarship, I thought it might be my chance to study in Sydney at a postgraduate level.

How has it helped you with life in Australia?

The scholarship helped me for my daily expenses and thus helped me to concentrate on my studies to achieve the highest marks.

What advice would you give to people who want to apply for the scholarship?

Believe in yourself that you can succeed.

Can you tell me about what you want to achieve when you return home?

I would like to find a job in a company that exports its products in the Pacific region including Australia and New Zealand.

What was the best experience you had while you were here?

My best memory was my graduation ceremony which was held at the Rosehill Racecourse in Sydney in 2015 and I enjoyed the group work at ACU.

How would you describe ACU to your friends and family back home? Why would you recommend it?

The good thing about ACU postgraduate degrees is that they are delivered in human-sized classes not exceeding 50 students so each student can interact with their lecturers.

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