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Home Stay or Shared Living? Read Molly's comparison between the 2 most common student accommodation …

Can’t decide on what you want to do for your living arrangements when you come to Australia?  There are advantages to each option.  Read what my friend Jess and I think are the most important things to consider when thinking about a home stay vs. living in a shared apartment.

Jess, from the United States and studying Education, lived in a home stay with an Australian family right outside of the city.

“I think the best thing about living in a home stay is how easy it is.  It can be set up for you and you can pay for all the expenses at one time or by month.  It is nice to be sure of exactly how much money you’ll need before you come to another country.  Usually the home stay will provide all your meals, too!  My host family made delicious dinners! I guess I just liked the fact that I didn’t have to set-up my own electricity, internet, or have to pay bills.  I was nervous enough coming to a new country and doing my practicum in a different school, so it was nice to have one thing figured out.

The other best thing would have to be the fact that it is easier to experience Australian culture when I stayed with an Australian family.  I saw how they lived, what their day-to-day schedules were like, and what they did for fun!  I got a great host family and am super happy I chose to do a home stay!”

To book your home stay, check out ACU’s Accommodation Information!

I, also from the United States and studying Accounting, found my own apartment and roommates to share it with right in the heart of Brisbane.

“The best thing about finding your own place to stay is how proud you feel that you came to a new country and set up your life all by yourself.  You feel super independent and although it takes you out of your comfort zone, it is completely worth it.  You don’t have to worry about letting your host family know where you are, or feel guilty for waking them up if you get in late.

Setting up all the utilities can be stressful but it’s nice to be able to control how much you spend.  We never turned on our aircon to save electricity and our bill ended up being super cheap!

I also enjoyed that I got to choose who I lived with and where I lived! It is your decision if you want to be right in the city and pay a little extra or in the surrounding suburbs for cheaper!  Plus, choosing who you live with is nice because you can see if everyone sharing the apartment will get along together before moving in.  I’m moving out in 4 days and can’t believe how much my little apartment has felt like home!”

If you’re looking for an apartment, check out the link above!  Although, I found my apartment on Gumtree!



Which option did you choose?

Do you agree with Jess or me?

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