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Here are some exam tips from ACU students!

It’s exam time and for most students, this is the most stressful time of the semester. Here is how some ACU students prepare and their advice as to what to do and what not do when it comes to exams!


Meleana (New York) – Personally, exam time is not stressful because I try to manage my time effectively and spread the work load throughout the semester.

Do: Find a study buddy who is as serious as you are so you won’t spend the whole time talking and getting off task. Studying in groups is more helpful than studying alone because you can share information and verbalise things, which I find helps you remember things better.

Don’t: Don’t wait until the end of the semester to start reading the textbook. If you want a non-stressful exam period, you should make sure you do all the work the whole semester and not cram at the end.

Vahid (Iran) – I am preparing for a massive exam at the moment and this is taking all my time!

Do:  I think there should be a balance between studying from textbooks or the notes that you take. I think you should use the notes to find which part of the text is important, so then you won’t get lost in your textbooks, which have lots of detail that is not always necessary for your level of studying.

Don’t: Don’t study just to pass the exam. If you learn something in a short period of time, you will forget it easily. So for me, cramming is not an effective way to gain knowledge. It may pay off for the exam, but won’t contribute to your learning, I think.

Zijun (China) – When I study for exams, I go through all the lecture and tutorial notes!

Do: Check your exam timetable when it is available and plan your study accordingly. I keep a diary and schedule my study for each day, because if not, I find it hard to manage the time with other stuff I have to do, like work.

Don’t: Don’t just read through the lecture notes but actually listen to the lectures online and make extra notes as you listen. It will make it much easier to understand the content and keep you focused.

Sama (Iran) – I always start studying for exams with my favourite units and this motivates me to keep studying.

Do: Find a good study environment, like the library. Staying at home can be distracting. Also, eat well!

Don’t: Don’t freak out when you see that you have hundreds of pages to read! Try to divide them into manageable sections, like a certain number of pages per day.

Have you got any study tips that you would like to share with us? Let us know in the comments!

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