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Diwa’s story: studying, working and life in Sydney Posted on
We catch up with Diwa to find out about her life in Sydney, working in Australia and what she plans to do next!

A home away from home.

That’s how Nepalese student Diwa Shrestha describes ACU, where she has spent three years studying her Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting.

We caught up with Diwa to find out about her life in Sydney, her time at ACU, working in Australia and what she plans to do next!

Choosing ACU:

After I made up my mind to study in Australia, I attended various seminars and educational expos. I also visited many consultancies from where I came to know about ACU. After researching more about ACU, I found out that they provide quality education at affordable prices and also that it has a diverse culture with students coming from different geographical backgrounds. The university also has many highly qualified teachers which was an added bonus.


Sydney is one of the most liveable cities in the world in terms of weather. I also like the fact that it is multicultural and people from all phases come and live in harmony and have adopted accordingly. Sydney differs from my home town in terms of population, infrastructures and obviously the fact that it has beaches.

ACU as an international student:

For many students, ACU is a home away from home because of the presence of large population of international students. It has the homely nature and a welcoming atmosphere which gives the feeling of home.

I enjoy being an ACU student because it helps me to create my own identity and gives me the right platform to nurture my potential.


Bachelor of Commerce at ACU:

So far I have mostly enjoyed the staffs’ friendly and caring nature, the companionship of my fellow students and the extracurricular activities organised by ACU.

The lecturers and tutors are very qualified and knowledgeable and always encouraging. They have the right tools to bring out the best in each individual.

The course has helped me achieve my desired marks in furthering my career. It has also provided me the techniques I would require in the future to organise myself and be able to follow the system accordingly.

What next:

I do plan to further study but have been very indecisive when I should begin it. I plan to do CPA first.

Working in Australia:

As a student, we were allowed to work 20 hours per week. It was a new experience and my work experience helped me to become a better person and taught me that no matter the harsh weather there always comes a sunny day after a storm. It helped me to instil a good work ethics, become a team player and has changed me for the better.

Advice to other international students:

Give a try, don’t worry about the failures. Instead worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try. You never know you might succeed in your first try.

How would you describe ACU to your friends and family back home? 

ACU is one of the best universities to pursue further studies. It is affordable and provides a culturally diverse environment. The teachers and the staffs make you feel a part of the family. Also the university has a close-knit environment which helps students to grow individually with the care and attention they require.


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