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Congratulations! Exams are finally over and holidays have just begun. What a great reason to celebra…


Congratulations! Exams are finally over and holidays have just begun. What a great reason to celebrate! Whether you choose to dance the night away or reward yourself with a sugary treat  – Sydney has something for everyone. 


If celebrating means letting your hair down and having a boogie, then you will be pleased to find that there are lots of great places to dance the night away in Sydney. From underground disco to heaving house music, there’s sure to be a place for you no matter your taste in music.

Goodgod small club

One of my all time favourites is Plan B small club (Used to be Goodgod). Walk through the doors and let the front bar transport you to a swinging 1950’s Cuba, or venture a little further and encounter the “danceteria”, a live music venue for those serious about having a boogie. And if you dance up an appetite belly bao has set up shop just behind the front bar.

Another great option is the standard bowl – for music guaranteed to get everyone on their feet. and if you get sick of dancing, you can have a bowl on one of the four free bowling alleys framing the dance floor. It’s Just as cool as it sounds!

El Loco (photo: highheelsandhangovers)
El Loco (photo: highheelsandhangovers)


Sometimes there’s nothing better than a proper celebratory dinner with friends at the end of the semester. Pick you’re favourite local restaurant or maybe jazz things up with a night at one of my favourites. El Loco for your own Mexican fiesta or Frankies Pizza for some fantastic Pizza and a bonus dance floor.


When you want to cheers to your success this semester you’ll want a glass of something in your hand! and why not make it something exciting? You are on holidays after all. There are lots of great cocktail bars in Sydney. One of my favourites is the very intimate and very special Bulletin place, which has very helpful staff and will customise you a special cocktail depending on what you like. Bulletin place is a multi-award winning cocktail bar but keep in mind it’s probably on the pricier end of the cocktail bar spectrum.

If cocktails aren’t you’re thing, and you prefer beer, then you can’t go past Four Pines brewery on Sydney’s north shore in Manly. Here you can get a tasting rack of five different beers and really get the party started.

Aqua S (photo: Broadsheet sydney)
Aqua S (photo: Broadsheet sydney)


If celebratory sugar is more you’re style, there is nothing more fitting than Aqua S ice cream parlour. Magical looking and delicious – Aqua S offers three soft serve flavours with the option of added fairy floss, toasted marshmallows, popping candy or caramel popcorn. Definitely Instagram worthy! #celebrating #endofsem. Another  Instagram-able ice cream option is N2 extreme Gelato.

Where will you go to celebrate the end of semester? Let us know in the comments!

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