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ACU graduate makes a difference in Cambodia Posted on
Sokhim says his degree has made a big difference in the competitive labor market in Cambodia.

Sokhim OU graduated from ACU in 2010 and has since been working in his home country of Cambodia.

He was an Australian Leadership Award scholarship recipient and after successfully completing his Educational Leadership program on our Strathfield campus, he returned to Cambodia to give back to his community.

Sokhim has worked for a number of international organisations and all of them work towards a better future and education for students.

“When I returned to Cambodia I was employed by an international organisation, called Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) as an Education Program Manager,” Sokhim says.

“I was working with them for two years before I moved to work as Education Specialist for another international organisation, called World Vision International.”

“I’m currently working for RTI International (Research Triangle Institute), a US based organisation, under All Children Reading-Cambodia, funded by USAID.”

All Children Reading works to produce meaningful and measurable improvement in student reading for the largest possible number of children.

“My role is an Inclusive Education Advisor, providing technical assistance to Cambodia’s Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) to make national early grades reading package as inclusive as possible. I’ve been here since April 2017.

Sokhim says his degree has made a big difference in the competitive labor market in Cambodia.

“It has provided a great privilege in my career so far.”

His decision to study at ACU was driven by a recommendation from a friend.

“My friend recommended I study at ACU. He was proud of the course run by the the university, which broadened and sharpened his knowledge and skills in educational leadership. I was so inspired by all of that.”

Sokhim says what he “truly enjoyed” about the course was its comprehensiveness and quality.

“It’s both brought and exposed me to many different educational perspectives and leadership roles like how to challenge people in a leadership role, how to motivate people, how to build sense of ownership in their work and more.”

While studying in Australia, Sokhim experienced a Parliamentary debate.

“My degree also brought me to see the debate in the question time in the parliament in Canberra and the discussion on regional higher education issues in Queensland.

He says there were many things that were different for him when comparing Australia and Cambodia’st study environments.

“The first impression was that Australia is an affluent and inclusive society, in which all people including persons with disabilities, ethnic minorities (Aborigines) are treated equally in all aspects of living. Social justice is well-maintained,” Sokhim says.

“The Australian education system is very quality-oriented and equipped with full resources, including human resources, financial resources, teaching and learning resources and infrastructures needed to optimise the quality of educational services for all.”

Sokhim says that he found diversity is treated as a core principle in all aspects of teaching and learning.

“The Aborigines are given an opportunity to sit in the policy and strategies development. The studying there has broadened and sharpened my thought, knowledge and values in education.

“However, the education system in Cambodia is currently making good progress and there is far more to do to be comparable with that in Australia, especially for those who are socially and economically disadvantaged.”

Sokhim says his time studying in Australia has largely attributed to the success of his career.

“ACU is a great space that has shaped and sharpened my knowledge and skills, which has highly attributed the success of career in the long term. I would highly recommend it for those who aspire better quality of life.” 


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