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A Day out at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary! Posted on
Get to know the unique Aussie wildlife up close at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary!

Have you heard of the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary?

Where: About 13.1 km from Brisbane CBD, accessible easily by bus, taxi or car

Why you should visit: To experience Aussie wildlife up close

How much: $24 for students or $36 for adults (Don’t forget to take your student card with you though. I learned this the hard way!)

Lone Pine is the oldest and largest koala sanctuary in the world. The motto here is “The earth is not only for humans.” There are more than just koalas at Lone Pine. In fact, I was amazed to finally see all the famous native Australian animals that I had always heard about. It’s a great place to spend a relaxing day with friends and family. If you haven’t been there already, I definitely recommend it!

The Earth is not only for humans!
The koalas were like real teddy bears! For an additional fee of $ 14, you can cuddle them and take a picture with them. Lone Pine is one of the few zoos in the world that allows visitors to cuddle koalas.
The cockatoos were very talkative. This one shouted, “My name is Cocky!” and gave us quite a fright!














the Tasmanian Devil looks really cute and cuddly in a grumpy sort of way, but makes unearthly noises when it fights over food or territory with other Devils. This one was basking in the sun and did not even notice us
I hadn’t known that dingos looked very much like dogs!












The sanctuary’s sole platypus. This interesting egg-laying mammal was very active and kept swimming about. Did you know that the platypus swim with their eyes, ears and nostrils closed to protect themselves from the water!













The wombat, another iconic Australian animal!
I thought this guy was pretty cool! The world’s number one venomous land snake, the Inland Taipan, is from Australia! No wonder he was too proud to even look at us.












These rainbow lorikeets, true to their name, had every colour of the rainbow. Feeding the birds was a fun time!
My friend Xuan getting to know one of the kangaroos that walk around freely, mingling with the visitors in the sanctuary.













The native Aussie animals have very distinct and special characteristics.

Which is your favourite?

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